The myth: Robert Kubica's uncorked 2008 champagne bottle

Champagne bottle, Sauber, Robert Kubica

There's a story Alfa Romeo (formerly Sauber) employees are told on their first day as they're shown around the impressive Hinwil facility, one surrounding a bottle of champagne which is unlike the other 26 in the same cabinet – each of which represents a Formula 1 podium for the outfit.

This bottle is the only one with the cork still in place – unopened – and represents Robert Kubica's 2008 Canadian Grand Prix victory.

Race winner Robert Kubica, 2008 Canadian GP

The story says Kubica was so excited to have won the race, during the podium commotion, he forgot to open his bottle when drivers traditionally spray one another and their team below.

But this is a myth. You can see in the photo that Kubica didn't forget at all.

The real reason there is one unopened bottle of champagne in that cabinet is because it's actually a replica bottle, given to Sauber because of a row with then partner BMW.

The German automotive giant wanted Kubica's bottle for its own display at its Munich museum – it remains their only F1 victory – and despite a plea from Sauber for it to join their cabinet, BMW won out and it was whisked off to Germany.

An unopened replica was given to Sauber, and that's why it stands out.

The team kept the winning trophy though and it's nicknamed: "the one we didn’t even give them a sniff of".