Sebastian Vettel lacked front tyre feel through qualifying

Sebastian Vettel says Ferrari has to work harder to get Pirelli’s tyres to gel with the SF90, after a scruffy qualifying session for Formula 1’s Monaco Grand Prix.

Vettel, who crashed out of third practice after an error at Sainte Devote, brushed the wall in Q1 exiting Piscine and made contact with the barriers through Tabac in Q3.

Vettel was nonetheless able to secure fourth on the grid, albeit 0.781s behind pole sitting Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton.

“Certainly the first two laps you need to sort of rebuild and get into the rhythm,” he said to Sky Sports F1 on getting up to speed in Q1 after his FP3 crash.

“But then again I’ve been many times around here so that’s not a problem.

“But yeah, we struggled to get the tyres to work and then you just don’t get the feel that you want and you need especially the front tyres for us didn’t work today.

“We need to dig deeper. We are, already, trying to understand as much as we can. Sometimes it works.

“This morning Charles [Leclerc] was quite happy and the few laps I had as well but this afternoon wasn’t quite like that.

“For now, it is what it is, we need accept it even if we don’t want to. But yeah we go from there.”

Leclerc was eliminated in Q1 and will start from 16th on the grid, with the youngster demanding an explanation for his early exit.