Luca Ghiotto disqualified from Monaco feature race, restart explained

UNI Virtuosi's Luca Ghiotto has been disqualified from the Formula 2 feature race in Monaco due to a technical infringement by his team during the red flag period.

The race was stopped due to Prema's Mick Schumacher spinning the BWT Arden of Tatiana Calderon at La Rascasse. Whilst changing Ghiotto's tyres, the UNI Virtuosi team used rack stops of a thickness that did not comply with Article 2 of the 2019 FIA Formula 2 championship technical regulations.

Ghiotto had finished in second place which promotes Carlin's Nobuhara Matsushita into the position and DAMS' Sérgio Sette Câmara to third completing the podium.

Anthoine Hubert was promoted to eighth and as a result, he will start Saturday's sprint race from reverse grid pole-position with Louis Deletraz for company on the front row.

Mahaveer Raghunathan was handed a drive-through penalty for punting Jack Aitken into the outside wall of the Grand Hotel hairpin towards the end of the race.

The penalty was converted into a 20-second additional penalty to the Indian's time which puts him back one place to 15th behind Calderon.

Once the red flag period had ended there was confusion over the restart order when those who had pitted first and were on the (Option/Prime) strategy had been made to go a lap down when the race resumed.

Due to the entire field being placed in the pit lane, the order of the field was arranged in accordance with the last racing lap, however Article 42.3 of the FIA F2 sporting regulations which specifies the order is to be re-established at the restart was not followed which meant those drivers were not allowed to transit the course and join the restart order at the rear.