Sergio Perez struggles to see future in F1 if 2021 changes fail

Racing Point's Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez says he will struggle to find motivation to continue in Formula 1 beyond 2021 if the planned regulatory overhaul leads to little change.

Formula 1 chiefs are in the midst of finalising substantial changes to the sporting and technical regulations with the ambition of creating a more level playing field.

Only Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull have taken wins in the last 100 grands prix, with the remaining teams ostensibly battling for fourth in the championship.

Perez, following previous stints at Sauber and McLaren, has been with Racing Point – under its Force India guise – since 2014, finishing in the top 10 in the championship in each year, taking five podiums.

But Perez, 29, has not since been in contention for a drive at a leading team, and when asked by Motorsport Week whether he felt underrated, Perez replied: “In a way yes.

“I think I’ve been delivering for many years, consecutive years, different rule changes, different cars, different moments of my career.

“But at the same time I’m very realistic. I was close to Ferrari at certain points.

“But I think these days you see Mercedes and Ferrari they have their young drivers and very established drivers.

“I can’t complain, you know. Formula 1 is very hard work. It is very difficult to get to the top teams, there are very few opportunities.

“What disappoints me the most is the sport at the moment. The way the sport is.

“It’s basically a Teams’ championship not a Drivers’ championship.

“When you see the result at the end of the year you see ‘this is the fastest car, this was the second fastest’. It’s a bit disappointing the way the sport is.

“And I really hope that this changes when they make the new rules that they put everything more together and put it down more to the drivers. We want to see the best drivers winning.”

When asked whether it was frustrating to have to wait until 2021 for the situation to change, and how to find motivation during the current period, Perez replied: “I’ve been in that boat all my career and I’ve had eight podiums with those cars.

“I hope I can have another one this year – I don’t see how.

“But what gives me motivation is to come here [to the circuit], maximise the weekend, put a smile on my team, and know we maximised the potential and put the car in places the car didn’t deserve.

“And that puts me in a good place. I’m also very hopeful '21, '22 will be a good opportunity for drivers.

“Otherwise I don’t see how I will find motivation… I will have to find elsewhere for motivation.”

A full feature with Perez will be available in the upcoming edition of Motorsport Monday