Teams overwhelmingly choose Soft tyres for Monaco GP

Formula 1 teams have overwhelmingly loaded up on Soft tyres for next weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix.

Sole tyre supplier Pirelli has nominated the three softest compounds from its range of five for the first time this season, with the C3s, C4s and C5s chosen for the street event.

With limited tyre degradation in Monaco, and a one-stop Soft/Medium strategy likely due to the danger of relinquishing track position, Softs have been hugely favoured.

Out of their 13 sets of tyres for the weekend, the Ferrari and Red Bull drivers will have the maximum available 11 sets of Softs, with just the one set of Mediums and Hards allocated by Pirelli.

Mercedes, Renault, McLaren, Alfa Romeo and Toro Rosso have opted for 10 sets of Softs, with the most conservative – Racing Point and Williams – still plumping for nine sets of Softs.

As per usual, one set of Softs must be set aside for use only in Q3 while either the Medium or Hard tyres must be used for one stint of the 78-lap grand prix, assuming dry conditions prevail.