Stewards clear Lando Norris, Lance Stroll over Spanish GP clash

Spanish Grand Prix stewards have opted to take no further action against either Lando Norris or Lance Stroll for the collision that brought out the Safety Car.

Norris and Stroll were battling outside of the points-paying positions when they came to blows through Turn 2.

Norris sustained terminal damage to his McLaren MCL34 while Stroll was left in the barriers and also retired from the race.

The stewards reviewed video evidence and heard from both drivers, along with a team representative, and deemed that neither driver was wholly to blame.

“Norris attempted to pass Stroll on the outside of Turn 1 but did not, in the view of the stewards, complete the overtake because Norris was not completely alongside Stroll.

“Norris believed that he had the right to be allowed ‘racing room’ into Turn 2 whereas Stroll stated that he was on the racing line into Turn 1 and had to take Turn 2 by remaining on the racing line.

“He stated he was not aware at that point of the location of Norris.

“The stewards believe that Norris could have backed out of the attempted overtake into Turn 2 and also that Stroll might have been more aware of the possibility that Norris could be on his inside.”