Claire Williams: We’ll never give up on a season

Claire Williams has insisted that Williams will not stop pushing to reduce its deficit in Formula 1 this season, amid suggestions the team should switch focus to 2020.

Williams, currently last in the 2018 standings, has slipped further adrift of the pack this season, regularly qualifying a second behind the rest of the midfield pack.

Williams, as with most teams, has brought upgrades to this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, in its bid to claw back some of its deficit to its opponents.

“Williams in our history has never given up on a season regardless,” said Williams.

“It isn’t about giving up. Clearly we know where we are and it is incredibly difficult to even close up the gap even to P9 but we are coming to every race, we have test parts for every GP to analyse and determine how much they can bring us and over the course of the year we will bring incremental performance so we are not writing anything off.

“This is as much of a season for us as any other season regardless of where we are.”

Robert Kubica commented earlier on Thursday that he feels Williams has got on top of the perceived differences between his car and that driven by team-mate George Russell.

When that was put to Williams, she said: “I still think we’re getting to the bottom of that, I know Robert and his thoughts were the floors were slightly different and we haven’t been able to clearly demonstrate through scans that we’ve done that they are.

“But clearly if a driver tells you he believes one is different to another then we’ve got to get the bottom of it which we are trying to do at the moment.

“The issue or feeling that Robert had around that floor that was on George’s car during the Baku FP1 incident so that has effectively meant it is gone. But the chassis themselves are identical.”