Daniil Kvyat demands explanation over first-lap penalty

Toro Rosso driver Daniil Kvyat has said he wants to meet with the Chinese Grand Prix stewards to discuss his drive-through penalty as he feels it was unfair.

The Russian was involved in a three-car clash at the start of the race, in which he and the McLaren duo of Carlos Sainz Jr. and Lando Norris came to blows exiting Turn 6.

Kvyat was deemed to have been wholly at fault and was hit with a drive-through penalty. He went on to later retire from the race, as did Norris, whilst Sainz finished outside the points in 14th.

The Russian was also issued with two penalty points.

Kvyat believes without the contact there was a lot of missed potential given his team-mate's pace, after Alexander Albon started from the pits and finished tenth.

"An unfortunate race with the pace I think we had today," said Kvyat. "Very unpleasant not to be able to transform the pace into anything in the last two races now. It’s a cold shower for us because the potential was very deep in the points.

"Regarding the lap one incident, I’ve seen it many times now and to be honest I totally disagree with the penalty. I will speak with the stewards behind closed doors to see what their opinion is on that.

"It was a corner exit and my car was already totally straight. The regulations say I have to leave a cars width to the car next to me and it was three cars in one corner with one coming back on track very sharp and another sandwiched behind. Then I went in the air from the hit from behind and then I went into Norris’ car. 

"So I will speak with the stewards behind closed doors to try to find a solution.

"I haven’t seen Carlos’ onboard but I’ve seen mine and Lando’s and honestly I don’t see that this incident was very particular [in blame]. This is exactly why I don’t understand this [penalty]."