Renault drivers unveil stunning retro helmets for F1's 1,000th GP

Renault drivers Nico Hulkenberg and Daniel Ricciardo will both run one-off helmets this weekend as part of Formula 1's 1,000th grand prix celebrations in China this weekend.

The upcoming Chinese Grand Prix will be the thousandth that counts towards the World Championship since it was inaugurated by Formula 1 in 1950.

Under Formula 1 regulations drivers are permitted only one change of helmet design per season but they have been given a free pass for this weekend’s event.

Hulkenberg and Ricciardo unveiled their new helmets during a press event on Thursday in Shanghai.

The former's helmet retains an overall yellow theme, whilst Ricciardo has gone with a grey finish. Both feature incredible details including stone chips, paintbrush lines and sponsor decals applied with gaffer tape, plus a retro Renault logo from 1950.