Formula 1 must not reach Formula E levels of contact - Romain Grosjean

Haas driver Romain Grosjean is backing Formula 1's new 'let them race' rule, which will mean drivers aren't penalised for minor contact if it's unintentional, but has warned against going too far and used Formula E as an example of that.

The new initiative is aimed at reducing the number of penalties, particularly for opening lap incidents, and Grosjean, who heads up the Grand Prix Drivers' Association, has welcomed the decision to be more lenient.

"I'm the head of the GPDA because I'm interested in the sport and I want to make it better," said the Frenchman.

"It was really good from [FIA steward] Garry [Connelly] and [FIA race director] Michael [Masi] to hear what we've got to say.

"The fact is we don't want to go into a braking zone trying to overtake someone and thinking 'oh, if I lock up and I touch him, that's going to be a penalty'.

"Because the next time you're going to be like, 'Oh I don't want to go for a move now'. We want racing. Shit's going to happen over 21 races. It's good that we can go racing, and we can fight."

Grosjean does however feel it must be controlled as it could go too far, such as the amount of contact in Formula E, and insists some things can't be tolerated.

"I don't think we want to go crazy. We don't want Formula E, because I think Formula E has gone a bit too far. But [in F1] if you touch someone your car is broken anyway," he added.

"Obviously there are a few things that we don't want to see, and moving under braking is a big one, really to me that's the biggest danger nowadays.

"If you do a 'Grosjean at Spa 2012' or a '[Nico] Hulkenberg at Spa last year' - OK, it's not intentional, but it's got big consequences so it's got to be penalised. Same as [Sergio] Perez in Singapore [2018].

"But on lap one if you brake a bit late, that's a racing incident. I think we should just say, 'well, it's lap one, everyone wants a position'."