Williams has to understand cause of car differences - Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica has urged Williams to understand why its two Formula 1 cars are behaving differently if it wants to make up ground, amid its dire start to 2019.

Williams has been rooted to the rear of the pack through the early stages of the current campaign, with Kubica and team-mate George Russell often over a second off the pace in one-lap runs.

Kubica revealed earlier in the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend that Williams’ two cars are producing different data results while running with identical set-ups.

The Pole qualified at the back of the field in Bahrain, albeit just 0.040s behind Russell, who in turn was 1.5s behind nearest opponent Antonio Giovinazzi.

“Coming here we started in exactly the same configuration, both cars, and the characteristic was completely different again,” he said.

“It was important to understand but we are not understanding the reason.

“The priority is to understand the reason why two cars are so different in behaviour.

“It’s a priority because we don’t know the reason and it’s fundamental to have two cars running in the same way, otherwise it’s a lottery.”

Russell echoed Kubica’s comments, explaining: “There is definitely a difference. That was clear.

“Obviously yesterday it was working very much against him, who knows maybe today it worked in favour of him just because it’s so different.

“It doesn’t mean his is incorrect and mine’s correct, just there is a difference there.

“If you looked at the data you’d presume we’re running different wing levels but we’re not.

“It’s not drastic it’s just different, and it shouldn’t be different, so that’s something we need to look into.

“It doesn’t mean one’s right or one’s wrong, just that it should be the same.”