Marcus Ericsson: IndyCar offers 'proper fights' unlike Formula 1

Former Formula 1 driver Marcus Ericsson, who now races in IndyCar for Schmidt Peterson Motorsports, believes the American racing series offers up "proper fights" when compared to F1, because of the lack of a drag-reduction-system (DRS).

Whilst DRS was introduced to boost the number of overtakes in F1, Ericsson believes not only that it produces 'fake' passes, but it also means a driver waits to make a move until they're able to use DRS, rather than going for every opportunity.

Writing on social media, the Swede reacted to news that a third DRS zone would be introduced for this weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix: "Not sure about this," he said.

"One of the great things I’ve found in IndyCar so far is the fact we don’t have DRS [which] means there is so much more proper fights on track, wheel-to-wheel and corner-to-corner.

"You don’t 'wait' for a DRS zone to overtake, you just go for it when you get the chance.

"DRS might produce more overtaking, but is it really producing more proper fights on track – which I believe is what we want to see?

"Just my two cents. And I’m not saying I have the answer."

Ericsson says that without such a system, IndyCar drivers are forced to be more aggressive which results in better racing.

"I just know that from a driver perspective [in IndyCar] you have to be more aggressive and go for it more when you get the chance, anywhere on the track.

"Instead of waiting to get to a DRS zone and do the pass there the 'safe' way."