McLaren keen for fairer F1 revenue split, clarity on 'B-teams'

McLaren boss Zak Brown says a fairer revenue system, and clarity on the rise of so-called B-teams, are among the operation’s main concerns regarding Formula 1’s future.

Formula 1 teams are set to be presented with the FIA and Liberty Media’s blueprint for 2021 and beyond during meetings of the Strategy Group and F1 Commission on Tuesday.

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Liberty Media has been keen to introduce a more equitable revenue system for teams, as well as a budget cap, in order to address competition costs long-term.

The rise of so-called B-teams has also been a talking point in recent years, with some teams utilising the regulations to outsource development elsewhere.

Toro Rosso uses parts from last year’s Red Bull RB14 while midfield leader Haas – and to a lesser extent Alfa Romeo – has forged a close alignment with Ferrari.

“We need a level playing field, not just McLaren, but for the entire grid,” said Brown.

“That means fairer revenue distribution; I don’t think it has to be equal, but fair.

“I think [we need] a realistic budget cap that a lot of teams can get to through prize money, FOM money, and sponsorship.

“Then I think F1’s DNA has always been to be a Constructor, so I think equipment should either be listed parts, and that’s what makes you a Constructor, or standard parts if we want to help teams that maybe don’t have capabilities to make listed parts.

“What I don’t think you should have are some teams supplying other teams but not all teams, and I think that would make for a truer Formula 1, truer constructors, better for everyone.”

Brown has also suggested that Formula 1 teams should have less of a say in the regulations moving forward.

“I think the governance of the sport needs to be addressed,” he added.

“A lot of the rules and regulations that try and get through get aggravated by teams aligning.

“Teams need to have a say and a vote but not to an extreme say that we can stop them from happening.

“I think that’s what the fans want, and like great sports it should be different winners more frequently, different champions, then I think we all win.”