FIA to address start lights after driver struggles

The FIA has said it is seeking a solution to driver complaints that they couldn't see the start lights during the season-opening Formula 1 race in Melbourne last weekend.

Robert Kubica was one of a handful of drivers who struggled to see the start lights on Sunday as they were blocked by the rear-wing of Carlos Sainz's McLaren ahead, forcing him to shift himself to the side to see an extra set of start lights positioned on the pit wall.

"I actually had a bit of a panic because when I stopped I couldn’t see the lights," said Kubica. "The rear-wing of the McLaren was hiding it, so I could see the first block but not the rest.

“Then I had to move to the left and there was an additional light so it was a bit of a panic moment."

The rear-wings have increased in both height and width as part of the new 2019 aerodynamic rules aimed at making it easier to follow another car.

Gasly also highlighted the issue, revealing that he had to use his rivals as a marker as to when to go, which caused him to get a slow getaway.

"With the new bigger rear-wings, I couldn’t see the lights on the grid so I had to react with the cars around me and I lost a couple of places," the Red Bull driver added.

The FIA says it is aware of the problem and will have a solution in place for the next race in Bahrain, which could include additional lighting panels or simply repositioning them.