F1 teams to be presented with finalised 2021 package

Formula 1 teams are set to be presented with the finalised package for 2021 and beyond during a Strategy Group meeting later this month.

The proposed regulations defining 2021 and beyond have been in development for a sustained period, with leading figures working on several areas of the sporting and technical structure.

All of the elements of the proposed package will be presented to Formula 1 teams at the Strategy Group meeting and then be voted upon, as the sport moves closer to defining its future.

“[There are] ongoing discussions, it takes time,” said FIA President Jean Todt during a press conference at the Australian Grand Prix.

“We will have a Strategy Group meeting in about two weeks, I think the 26th of March in London, and we will have also the F1 Commission on the same day.

“We should be ready with the global package, and you know that the global package is on one side, [then there is] the commercial side, the financial side, which is the responsibility of Formula 1.

“We have the cost control, which is a new initiative which is quite well advanced.

“We have engine regulations which have been sent to the teams a few days ago, and we have chassis regulations, and we have the governance.

“Those are all the different chapters on which we are working, and we should be in a position to have a finalised package to discuss with the teams on March 26.”