F1 has had real interest from new teams - Chase Carey

Formula 1 chiefs have received “real interest” from prospective new entrants, so long as the championship can provide a more competitive and commercially viable post-2021 framework, according to boss Chase Carey.

The Formula 1 grid has a capacity of 13 teams but has had only 10 teams for the past few years, following the demise of Manor Racing, which came after the collapse of HRT and Caterham.

Only Haas – in 2016 – has joined the grid since those three aforementioned new-for-2010 teams, who were attracted to the sport on a promise of a reduced budget, which never materialised.

Formula 1 is in the process of finalising its 2021 framework, which includes engine and chassis regulations and a revised commercial structure, with the aspiration of providing more equality.

FIA President Jean Todt has repeatedly expressed his desire for 12 teams to be present, and Carey echoed those views during a joint press conference in Australia on Friday.

“I think it is one of our strategic goals, we want to make the sport more attractive to potential new entrants,” said Carey. “I think that is a key goal we have. It is certainly a goal in the 2021 regulations.

“I think we’ve got to solidify those regulations to have those discussions.

“I’ve had a number of, more on the team side than the engine side, a number of potential new entrants that have expressed interest and enthusiasm if we provide a structure that they think enables it to be something they could enter more constructively.

“I do think there’s actually interest on the team side, but I think we have to finalise what it looks like so they can evaluate it accordingly.

“I think priority one before we get two new teams coming in is to make sure it’s quality over quantity, and make sure we make the business as strong as we possibly can for the teams that we have in it. I think we can go a long way in doing that. I think there is interest.

“I think there really is interest if we can provide a framework that they feel from a business and a competitive perspective is attractive to them. But I think there is real interest.”