Phillip Horton  |    |   0  |  14 March 2019

Charlie Whiting's legacy in F1 will endure forever - GPDA

The Grand Prix Drivers’ Association have paid tribute to Charlie Whiting, asserting his legacy will last forever in Formula 1, following his death on Thursday.

Whiting had travelled to Australia for the start of the 2019 season but suffered a fatal pulmonary embolism during the early hours of Thursday morning in Melbourne.

Whiting has worked at the FIA since 1988 and for the last 21 years has been Formula 1’s Race Director, having also taken on the role of Permanent Starter and Safety Delegate.

Whiting’s roles meant he formed a close bond with Formula 1’s drivers through the years, including leading the Drivers’ Briefing, with the field of 2019 expressing shock and sadness at his sudden passing.

On Friday morning the GPDA – of which all current 20 drivers are members – issued a statement in honour of Whiting.

“On behalf of Formula 1 drivers, past, present and future, who have benefited from, benefit from now, and will always benefit from the sterling work done over so many years by Charlie Whiting, we, the GPDA, hereby pay tribute to a great man,” read the statement.

“But, first and foremost, we want to extend our sincerest condolences to his family and friends, at what must inevitably be an extremely sad and stressful time. We hereby send our deepest sympathy to them all.

“Charlie was one of motor racing’s real stalwarts. A brilliant mechanic, working for Bernie Ecclestone’s Brabham team in its heyday in the ‘80s, playing a crucial role in Nelson Piquet’s world championship successes of ’81 and ’83, he joined the FIA in ’88 and, over the past 31 years, has developed, built, managed and perfected the governing body’s technical operation to make it the paragon of optimal safety and smooth operation it is today. Achieving that took not only great skill but also real passion – and Charlie had passion and skill in spades. Truly, he is and will remain the benchmark in that regard, and his legacy will endure for ever.

“But even more than that, despite the seniority and responsibility of his office, he was also a friend to many of us, and was admired and trusted by us all. We will miss him bitterly. He has gone far too early, but his sport and the people who work in it will remember and be grateful to him for ever.

“For our sport, our fans, our safety, for Charlie.”

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