F1 Commission to vote on awarding a point for fastest lap

Formula 1 looks set to award a championship point for the driver that sets the fastest lap during a grand prix in 2019, with the matter set to be voted on next week, just days before the season-opener in Melbourne, Australia.

The rule amendment was discussed during Thursday's World Motor Sport Council meeting and whilst nothing was mentioned in their post-meeting statement, it's believed the matter has been approved, but will now require unanimous approval by the F1 Commission before it can be added to the 2019 Sporting Regulations.

This will be done via an e-vote on Monday. Usually such a vote would take place prior to a WMSC meeting, which would then give final approval, but because of the tight timescales involved with the first race of the new season under a week away, there was no time complete an e-vote prior to the WMSC meeting.

If approved on Monday, F1 would become aligned with Formula E, which also awards a point for fastest lap, however it's expected F1 will limit this to top 10 runners only, meaning no point will be awarded if the fastest lap is set by a driver who finishes 11th or lower.

This avoids situations where a backmarker pits at the end of the race for new tyres with the sole purpose of setting the fastest lap.

It's hoped by awarding an additional point it will give drivers motivation to push at the end of the race, or even risk pitting for fresh tyres if they have enough of a gap behind to make a free stop, therefore closing up gaps and opening up the opportunity for more drama.

It also wouldn't be the first time F1 has awarded points for fastest lap. It did so between 1950-1959.