Ferrari promises surprise as Mission Winnow branding dropped

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri has promised a "surprise" for fans following news that Mission Winnow branding will be removed from the SF90 for the opening race of the Formula 1 season in Australia next weekend.

Mission Winnow was dropped from the team's official name earlier this week and now the significant branding on the SF90 will be removed altogether, following an investigation by Australian authorities as to whether or not the branding falls foul of anti-tobacco advertising laws.

The logos feature heavily on the car and would therefore leave a large void when removed, but Camilleri says they will "surprise" fans when the car rolls out in Melbourne next week.

"There were problems with the health department [in Australia] and there was no time for Philip Morris to find a solution," Camilleri is quoted as saying by Autosport during a visit to the Geneva Motor Show.

"In any case, in Australia we will have a surprise for the fans on the car."

The team will also utilise their 2018 team kit as a last minute replacement for the Mission Winnow-branded 2019 kit.

It's believed the branding will return for the second race of the season in Bahrain, although Ferrari haven't confirmed this.