Tech: Mercedes debuts upgrade package at second test

Mercedes debuted a large upgrade package during Tuesday's opening day of the second and final pre-season Formula 1 test in Barcelona.

With the scale of changes, the package doesn't focus on one particular area and is spread throughout the W10 as the team battles to overcome the high-speed cornering problems its drivers complained of during last week's opening test.

At the front of the car, the new nose is more bulbous and includes a larger cape, which funnels air from under the nose to the bargeboards and sidepods.

The front-wing endplate also features a small cutout which increase the outwash effect, which is where the airflow is channeled around the outside of the front-wheels.

There's been a number of small tweaks to the bargeboard area, all aimed at improving and cleaning up the airflow before it reaches the sidepods and the rear diffuser.

The W10 now features a halo fairing which was missing from the opening test-spec car. This was a common development last year. The area is tightly controlled and therefore only small modifications can be made with the aim of cleaning airflow over the head protection device.

At the rear of the car several small floor details have been added including a larger number of cutouts, three small conditioning fins and a twin-T-wing, rather than the single element version run last week.