Phillip Horton  |    |   0  |  19 February 2019

Daniel Ricciardo has been lifted by Renault potential despite failure

Daniel Ricciardo enthused over the atmosphere and potential at Renault, despite a high-speed rear-wing failure limiting his running on Tuesday.

Ricciardo carried out test duties during the morning session at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya but completed just 28 laps after part of his rear wing detached.

The Australian was pitched into a spin but avoided making contact with the barriers and was able to recover his R.S.19 to the pit lane, where repairs were undertaken.

Team-mate Nico Hulkenberg took over running after lunch and added 95 laps to Renault’s tally.

“When it was on, it was OK,” joked Ricciardo on the wing.

“But yeah, when obviously it broke, it’s like going into the corner with the DRS open. As soon as I braked, I lost the car and spun.

“We avoided the wall, but just coming back to fix the rear wing and all of that, it takes some time, and parts as well at testing, you don’t have a whole lot of parts. My morning was done after that.”

Ricciardo’s move to Renault comes after a decade-long association with Red Bull, which included spending the last five years at its Formula 1 team.

“Putting on the overalls the first time, I thought it was going to be more weird than it was,” he said.

“It actually felt alright but I was expecting to feel strange. Because even before Red Bull Racing I’d been wearing Red Bull overalls since 2008, so it is a long time with navy blue with a bull or two bulls, actually there are probably 10 bulls!

“Today the Red Bull guys were waiting for [Pierre] Gasly when I was coming into the pits. So they were all out there, and I was like I am not going to fall for it! I actually waved as I drove past!

“Generally speaking I feel at home, like I am comfortable and I don’t know everyone’s name yet but I feel like I am welcomed.

“For sure there is a lot for me to still learn from a technical point of view and how to get the most out of the car. But let’s say that from a feeling within the environment yes I am comfortable.”

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