Williams unlikely to run until Wednesday afternoon

Williams have further delayed their pre-season testing plans, with the FW42 unlikely to hit the Barcelona circuit until Wednesday afternoon now.

Williams had been set to shakedown their new car last weekend, but cancelled that due to delays with its car. Those delays forced it to scrap its plans to take part in the opening day of testing, which was then again pushed back to Wednesday, meaning the team will have missed two full days of the eight available.

The FW42 will be flown out to Barcelona from Williams' UK base tonight and is expected to arrive in the early hours of the morning according to a spokesperson.

"Our car looking likely to arrive at the circuit between 4-5am tomorrow morning," they said.

However with plenty to prepare, it's likely to miss the opening four hours, taking to the track in the afternoon.

"Obviously there will still be a fair amount to do but we will be working as fast as we can," Williams added. "Unlikely to run before lunch though."

The team said it would provide further updates during the course of Wednesday.

Joe Saward, F1 Editor (Motorsport Monday) – "It's a bad bad sign for Williams"

Williams has yet to appear with its new car – the team members are here but they’re all waiting for something to do.

There is a point at which the team must ask whether it’s worth rushing the car to make it for the first test, or whether to make sure everything is done properly in time for the second test.

There’s little point turning up half-arsed because you’re rushing it. But it’s a bad bad sign for Williams.