Ryan Wood  |    |   1  |  15 February 2019

Sliders: Compare the W10, SF90 and MCL34

We've given you sliders comparisons between old and new, but we've never allowed you to compare rival against rival...until now!

We've put together three sliders below which will allow you to compare the Mercedes W10, Ferrari SF90 and McLaren MCL34 against one another, allowing you to spot large and little differences between the rival cars.

Please note, the angle of each photo does differ slightly, so exact alignment isn't possible to achieve, though we've done our best to match them as closely and accurately as possible.

McLaren MCL34 v Ferrari SF90 (Side)

Mercedes W10 v McLaren MCL34 (Side)

 Ferrari SF90 v Mercedes W10 (Side)

Ferrari SF90 v McLaren MCL34 (Front)

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