Sliders: Compare the Toro Rosso STR14 and the STR13

Toro Rosso-Honda have become the second team to pull the covers off their 2019 challenger, revealing an unchanged livery and some subtle technical changes, other than those permitted by the regulations.

Using our sliders, you can compare the most striking visual change on the 2019 cars, which is the much larger front-wing. It become quite obvious just how much wider and deeper the new front-wings are when compared side-by-side, as well as just how simple they now are.

As per the new regulations, which have been shaped to reduce downforce and hopefully increase overtaking, the front-wing is now 200mm wider and it sits further forward, extending past the front of the nose.

No more are the many appendages that adorn the wing to create downforce and complex vortices, replaced by clean and simple elements which it's hoped will not only create less turbulent air, but react better to dirty air coming off a leading car.