Sliders: Compare the Haas VF19 and the VF18

Haas have become the first team to unveil their 2019 Formula 1 car, well ahead of their rivals, with an official livery launch in London on Thursday. Whilst that car was simply a re-livered VF18 from last season (with a 2019-spec front-wing), the renders released by the team are of the VF19.

Besides the most obvious change, which is of course the switch from a predominantly grey and red livery to the black and gold colours of new title sponsor Rich Energy, there are a few other small changes you might notice when comparing the two cars with our slider.

As per the 2019 regulations, which have been shaped to reduce downforce and hopefully increase overtaking, a wider (+200mm) and more simplified front-wing can be seen.

Moving from front to rear, the massive brake ducts have been removed as per the rules. A large S-duct has been added to the nose, which can be seen just under the small white Haas logo.

The bargeboards have been lowered – this was a decision motivated by sponsor placement – but remain as complex as ever. The team has also extended its side mirror stalks, with the mirrors sitting further forward and much further outboard.

The rear-wing is now higher (+20mm) and longer (+70mm) with fewer slots. It is also wider, as can been seen quite obviously (+100mm).