Formula 1 race promoters critical of Liberty Media's plans

Promoters of the majority of Formula 1 Grands Prix have voiced their concerns over the future direction of the series under Liberty Media.

The Formula One Promoters’ Association, of which there are 16 members, gathered for their annual meeting in London on Monday.

Liberty Media enters 2019 with five of its Grands Prix – Spain, Britain, Germany, Italy and Mexico – out of contract at the end of the year.

Britain held a deal through 2026 but circuit owners BRDC opted to activate a break clause in its contract due to its long-term apprehension over the finances of such a deal.

The body has taken the unprecedented step of issuing a statement to voice its concerns, citing modified television deals, a “lack of clarity” on new initiatives, and prospective new Grands Prix receiving more profitable contracts.

“It is not in the long-term interest of the sport that fans lose free access to content and broadcasting,” read FOPA’s statement.

“There is a lack of clarity on new initiatives in F1 and a lack of engagement with promoters on their implementation.

“New races should not be introduced to the detriment of existing events although the association is encouraged by the alternative businesses models being offered to prospective venues.”

It concluded: “As we enter a new season of the sport that we have promoted for many decades, the Promoters seek a more collaborative approach to the development of the championship and the opportunity to offer their experience and expertise in a spirit of partnership with Formula 1 and the FIA.”

FOPA did not communicate which 16 Grands Prix from the 21 are part of its group.