Daytona 24: Antonio Garcia runs out of fuel while leading GTLM

Antonio Garcia, while leading the GTLM class, has run out of fuel at the halfway mark of the Rolex 24 at Daytona.

Garcia, who had fought back to take the lead from Fred Makowiecki just before the twelve hour mark, came to a halt along the tri-oval section of the track.

Macowiecki has since inherited the GTLM lead back from the strucken Corvette, which will have to be towed back to the pit lane and will lose a significant amount of time.

Garcia's stranding was not the first issue for the #3 Corvette, which spent a fair amount of time in the pits for a steering arm repair after Jan Magnussen collided with the sister car during an early pit stop.

Mathieu Jaminet is now in second place in the #912 Porsche, followed by Miguel Molina in the #62 Risi Competizione Ferrari.