DTM adds push-to-pass and tweaks DRS use for 2019

The DTM has confirmed that it will employ a push-to-pass system for the 2019 season, along with a revised drag-reduction system (DRS).

The series has already announced revised aerodynamic regulations and a move to a four-cylinder turbo-charged engine which will produce in excess of 600 horsepower.

To further improve the spectacle, a push-to-pass system similar to that used in IndyCar will be introduced, giving drivers access to an additional 30hp by temporarily allowing more fuel to be injected into the engine.

The system can be used a maximum of 12 times during a race.

Additionally, the new wider rear-wing, which has been extended by 520mm, features just one element and will still include DRS, though the way in which it's used has been changed.

Previously drivers were able to use DRS a maximum of 36 times, though only when they were within one-second of the car ahead – like in Formula 1 – but now the one-second rule has been extended to three seconds.

However, for the final five laps of the race, DRS use will be unlimited, meaning it can be activated no matter the gap to the car in front "to maximise action and overtaking" according to the release.

“These additions are the perfect ingredients for spectacular overtaking – and that makes for thrilling racing,” explained Achim Kostron, managing director of ITR, promoter for DTM.

“Thanks to the significantly reduced performance weight and the new aero package, the skill and courage of the drivers will really be placed under the spotlight: out on the racetrack.” 

The cars were already expected to be two to three seconds faster a lap in 2019, but this could push that figure slightly higher.