Max Verstappen enjoys 'constructive' day with Formula E stewards

Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen described his day with Formula E stewards as "constructive", as he carried out part of his punishment from last year's Brazilian Grand Prix.

Verstappen was handed the sanction for his actions against Esteban Ocon in the immediate aftermath of last November's race at Interlagos.

Verstappen shoved Ocon several times in parc ferme and was handed two days of public service by the FIA.

The incident came after lapped Force India racer Ocon tipped leader Verstappen into a spin, with the Red Bull driver missing out on a probable win as a result.

Verstappen attended Saturday's Formula E race in Morocco and observed stewards, including ex-Red Bull F1 racer Vitantonio Liuzzi, who acted as the drivers' representative on the panel.

"It’s interesting to see it from the other side – normally you can’t spend an entire day with the stewards!" said Verstappen.

"Everybody does their own job during the weekend, and it’s good to really see what it takes to make these important decisions – sometimes a decision might not be nice for a certain person but it has to be taken and you have to follow the rules.

"I think it’s good to experience different things in racing rather than just sitting in the car – to be here and do this kind of work has been a constructive thing for me.

"I’ve of course followed Formula E a bit on TV but I’ve never been in the paddock, and I really enjoyed the day. First of all it was a really exciting race. The championship is clearly growing and there are a lot of manufacturers here, so I think it’s a cool series."

The FIA has yet to outline where and when Verstappen will carry out the second day of his sanction.