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Toro Rosso STR14 passes FIA's crash tests

Toro Rosso has confirmed its STR14 chassis has passed the mandatory FIA crash tests, meaning the car is cleared to take part in pre-season testing ahead of the new Formula 1 season.

The Italian-based outfit is the first team to reveal its car has cleared crash testing – a mandatory requirement before a car can take part in pre-season testing under rules introduced in 2012.

"One step closer to being back on track for 2019, we've passed the FIA crash tests," the team announced on Twitter.

It's likely Toro Rosso completed their crash tests at Milan's CSI Laboratory, which is one of three FIA-approved test centres (the others being Cranfield's Impact Centre and the Transport Research Laboratory, both are which are located in the UK).

A total of 21 tests are carried out across three different types; dynamic (moving) tests, static load tests and rollover tests. Of these, 13 are static load tests which sees substantial pressure applied to key parts of the chassis, such as the front, side and rear structures, the floor, side of the nose mounts, and to the chassis’ sides at leg and seat levels.

Although the FIA's crash tests are a mandatory requirement to ensure driver safety, they are often failed as teams attempt to push the limits of their design, though many failures aren't publicised.

Toro Rosso sees the return of Daniil Kvyat alongside Alexander Albon for the 2019 F1 season.

Key F1 2019 Dates:

February 12: Renault (Enstone)
February 13: Racing Point (Toronto)
February 14: McLaren (Woking)
February 15: Ferrari (Maranello)

February 18-21: First pre-season test (Barcelona)
February 26-March 1: Second pre-season test (Barcelona)

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