Sergio Perez plays down Lance Stroll favouritism concerns

Sergio Perez has alleviated concerns that Lawrence Stroll’s ownership role at Racing Point could lead to son Lance being favoured at the team this year.

Perez has been at the outfit, which previously competed under the Force India name, since 2014, taking several podium finishes, and last year finished eighth in the standings, behind only Nico Hulkenberg in the midfield fight.

Perez has been joined for 2019 by Stroll, who has raced for Williams since 2017, and whose father led the consortium of investors that acquired Force India’s entry and assets mid-2018.

“It’s in the interests of everyone, including the team owners, that this team is a successful team,” said Perez.

“The investment that they’ve done, it’s successful, so for that we need both cars as strong as possible.

“We both have to work very hard, we both have to work together to bring the team as forward as possible. It’s in the interests of everyone. We are a team now and we just have to work like that.”

On Stroll Jr., Perez said: “I don’t know him much as a driver. In Formula 1, it’s so difficult to prepare, to know a driver from another team.

“95 percent of your results is done by the car. He’s certainly had a poor [2018] season down to his car. I think Williams had a lot of trouble.

“But the kid definitely has talent. He’s been on the podium, when it’s wet he’s always up there, and I think he’s coming to a great team with one of the best engineers in the world.

“I think he will be in great hands to deliver his full potential.”