Lewis Hamilton insists talks over 2021 are still 'not connected', wants drivers heard more

World Champion Lewis Hamilton has stressed that various parties within Formula 1 must collaborate more strongly when it comes to discussions over proposed 2021 regulations.

Formula 1 chiefs are still fine-tuning the details for the next cycle of regulations, with sporting and technical rules set to be altered in a bid to produce more competitive racing.

Planned engine overhauls have already been reined in, while there remain uncertainties about other elements such as a budget cap and the composition of a Grand Prix weekend.

Formula 1 drivers met with CEO Chase Carey and Director of Motorsports Ross Brawn at the Brazilian Grand Prix, with other gatherings also taking place between teams.

"The GPDA [Grand Prix Drivers’ Association] is the most unified it's ever been, all the drivers are in it," said Hamilton.

"We all share a common interest and that's to make racing better, we have no other benefit and we're just trying to work on our relationship with [Race Director] Charlie [Whiting].

"Communication is so key, but at the moment the FIA talk to the tyre people, then you got Ross over here doing development for 2021, but they're not all connected at the moment and it's important that happens.

"Because we can really explain what's going on with the car, the tyres and help steer it, help them, we're like engineers for them. So that's really a key part of the discussion.

"Charlie's been amazing each weekend when we give information, he really implements them, sometimes into the next race or races down the road, so he's been very active in that sense, but I feel in the background, for the actual sport, we can be quite useful, so they should use us.”

Hamilton also believes that Formula 1 teams are too focused on their own interests, compared to the wants of the drivers.

"At the moment it's the teams giving their opinions and each team has a different desire, 'This'll work better for us',” added the five-time World Champion.

“Every team has a different thing that'll work better for them and not necessarily what's best for the sport.

"As for the drivers, we have that one thing and that's what's better for driving, so that's what we're just working on."