Drivers load up on Hypersoft tyres for Mexican Grand Prix

The Hypersoft tyre is the compound of choice for Formula 1 drivers for next weekend's Mexican Grand Prix.

Sole supplier Pirelli has nominated the three softest compounds in their range, the Hypersoft (Pink), Ultrasoft (Purple), Supersoft (red) tyre compounds, in order to maximise the grip from the Hermanos Rodriguez circuit.

Each driver is permitted 13 sets of tyres for each weekend, from which they are permitted free choice of the three nominated compounds for 10 of the sets.

Mercedes and Ferrari drivers have all opted to take eight sets of the Hypersoft tyre, they will also load up on two sets of Supersoft and three Ultrasofts. Valtteri Bottas bucks the trend by only taking one set of Supersofts and four of the purple-marked Ultrasofts.

Red Bull will take nine sets of the pink-marked Hypersoft, while the majority of the midfield runners, such as Haas, Force India and Williams, have decided to run with nine sets of the softest compound and two each of the harder two compounds.

Renault and Sauber have opted to maximise their choices with the Hypersoft tyre by taking 10 sets and very little of the Ultrasofts and Supersofts.