Phillip Horton  |    |   4  |  11 October 2018

Hamilton: F1 needs to be ‘dynamic’ with GPs

Reigning World Champion Lewis Hamilton believes Formula 1 chiefs need to be “dynamic” with its approach in the future, in order to break up the current regular pattern.

Formula 1 operates on a similar structure for each of the 21 Grands Prix, with two 90-minute practice sessions on Friday, a one-hour practice session and three-part qualifying hour on Saturday, and a race of length 305km on Sunday.

This only changes in Monaco, when Friday’s sessions are shifted to Thursday, while the race distance is reduced to 260km.

When asked whether the potential introduction of Q4 would be a benefit in 2019, Hamilton replied: “I have not thought about it and I don’t know they were thinking about changing it.

“More tyres, more time on track maybe? More sessions maybe? I don’t know. Session on Friday and session on Saturday? I don’t know.

“Anything different from what’s now I am sure will be interesting at least.

“I think though one of the biggest changes that needs to be made is that at the moment it’s the same four days every weekend for 21 weekends every single year pretty much and I think it needs to be dynamic, it needs to be different for certain circuits.

“There’s some tracks where the race is so boring.

“I remember growing up and watching it falling asleep after the start which I am sure there are people who must fall asleep after the start and then wake up, or set their alarms for the end.

“I used to do it when I was younger and there some tracks which kept you on the edge of your seat which I imagine was like Baku this year.

“I think it’s more exciting this year for being these cars are the best they’ve ever been but I am sure there’s those dull races, so picking those out, saying how we can make it different for that race.

“Whether it’s reverse grid or whatever we end up doing, they should look into something like that.”

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