Stephen Camp  |    |   0  |  3 October 2018

FIA set Haas F1 Italian GP disqualification appeal date

The FIA has set a date at the International Court of Appeal for Haas F1 to appeal the decision to exclude Romain Grosjean from the results of September's Italian Grand Prix.

Grosjean was disqualified from the results of the race in Monza after Renault successfully protested the use of the floor on the Haas.

The investigation into the floor showed the car failed to have the required 50mm radius edges on the front of the floor section. Haas did appeal for special dispensation to extend the time they needed to make the changes for Singapore, but were denied and were formally protested by the French marquee.

Haas took up its right to protest and the appeal has been confirmed for November 1st.

The decision to exclude Grosjean cost the Frenchman a sixth place finish and eight world championship points; the loss of points is crucial to the American outfit as they in a fierce battle with the Renault for fourth place in the constructors' championship.

With the disqualification currently in place, Haas lie in fifth place 11 points behind the Enstone-based team in the standings with five races remaining left of the 2018 campaign.

Should the International court of appeal fall in favour of Haas, they would regain eight points back on Renault, putting a lot more pressure on the battle between the two outfits, especially with two races left of the season after the date of the appeal in Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

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