F1 drivers warned over Singapore Turn 7 track limits

Formula 1 drivers have been warned that they risk having their qualifying lap time deleted if they exceed track limits at the exit of Turn 7 in Singapore.

An exit kerb through the left-hander, which comes at the end of Raffles Boulevard, marks the track limit, though drivers have abused that due to the ample tarmac to the right of the kerb.

A yellow line has been painted to the right of the run-off and in updated event notes Race Director Charlie Whiting has outlined to drivers that it must not be breached.

“If any part of a car makes contact with the yellow line behind the kerb on the exit of Turn 7 during qualifying the lap time of the driver concerned will be deleted by the stewards,” read the report.

Drivers will be shown a black-and-white flag should they repeat the feat three times during race trim, after which any further contact will be reported to the stewards.

Teams will be informed via the FIA’s official messaging system each time their cars touches the yellow line.