Ferrari intrigue continues with latest 'cooling' device

The intrigue surrounding Ferrari's T-bar mounted on-board camera has stepped up a gear in Singapore following the teams latest effort to 'block' it, with a new device replacing the much simpler bag of dry ice used in previous races.

The Italian team has been covering up the camera whilst its car is parked in its garage, with a small bag of dry ice placed over the front and rear.

Ferrari claim they are simply trying to keep the camera and its electronics cool to avoid any problems, but rival teams have long suspected that claim to be bogus, having never experienced any issued with overheating cameras themselves.

Another claim is that Ferrari doesn't want its rivals seeing its engine when the bodywork is removed as well as settings on the steering wheel – both of which are visible from the front and rear facing camera, with all teams having access to feeds from each others cars.

The FIA informed Ferrari that it can no longer cover the camera up with a cooling bag prior to the Italian Grand Prix, however it got round that by using an umbrella on the grid – though it can't do the same in the garage.

Therefore Ferrari arrived in Singapore with a new device that sits inside the cooling inlet and extends over the T-bar with various appendages blocking the view of the on-board camera.

It's unlikely the new device will please the FIA and FOM. It's yet to be seen what action they will take this weekend.