Singapore confirms minor tweak to F1 circuit layout

Singapore Grand Prix officials have confirmed a minor tweak to the layout of the Marina Bay Street Circuit ahead of this year’s event.

The circuit has been realigned around Turns 16 and 17 due to construction works in the area, straightening the short section of circuit between the corners.

The circuit length has been reduced by two metres to 5.063 kilometres, though this does not affect the race length, which will still run to 61 laps (assuming the distance can be covered in the time limit).

The track has also been resurfaced around Turns 1, between Turns 5 and 7, between Turns 15 and 17, and around Turn 23.

Marina Bay has been altered on a handful of occasions since it joined the Formula 1 calendar in 2008.

The Singapore Sling, a narrow chicane with high kerbs, was reprofiled once and eventually removed prior to 2013, instead replaced by a shallow left-hand kink.

The Turn 11/12/13 complex was amended for 2015, with drivers now flicking left before passing on the left-hand-side of the Anderson Bridge, while the hairpin was also marginally widened.