Marcus Ericsson walks away from massive Monza accident

Marcus Ericsson was able to walk away unscathed from a massive accident during the opening moments of second practice for the Italian Grand Prix.

Ericsson was beginning his first hot lap of the session in dry conditions at Monza when his Sauber C37 snapped sideways under braking for the Rettifilo Chicane.

Several replays that were shown suggested that the DRS on Ericsson’s car was late to shut as he braked for the complex.

Ericsson’s car snapped sideways into the external barriers after which it rolled and somersaulted across the grass, before coming to a halt further along the run-off.

Ericsson was able to extricate himself from the wreckage and he was given the okay after a trip to the Medical Centre at Monza.

The session was halted for 20 minutes while the Sauber was recovered and barrier repairs undertaken.