Fernando Alonso wrong to call F1 boring when he has no WEC rivals – Jenson Button

Fernando Alonso was wrong to call Formula 1 "boring" and "predictable" when he has no compettion in the World Endurance Championship, according to Jenson Button. 

Alonso expanded on his decision to retire from F1 at the end of the year, saying the predictability of the sport had made it boring recently, but Button has questioned the Spaniard's comments given the fact Alonso's only competition in WEC is his own Toyota team-mates and he is therefore almost guaranteed to win.

"His comments were maybe not the best, in terms of 'the racing is more boring'. I mean, he's racing in WEC, and the only competition is his team-mate here, you know what I mean?" Button is quoted as saying by Autosport.

"I don't think you can really say that, but I understand where he is. If he's racing for a win, he's going to enjoy it a lot more.

"But when you've won multiple world championships like him, and you're fighting in the midfield, it does get boring after a while."

The Briton, who retired from F1 after the 2016 season whilst Alonso's team-mate, also believes Alonso will "definitely" return to F1 should McLaren rediscover its form.

"He has done the same thing as what I chose to do – leave but leave it open, for one year after, to go back. I think that's the right option to do.

"And if the McLaren's quick and it's winning races, he'll be back to Formula 1, definitely.

"Every driver in the world would love to be in a winning car in Formula 1. You retire, I think, because you get bored of the travel and the stress of it, and if your results aren't there, there's no reason to be there."