Max Verstappen apologises for expletive-laden engine rant

Max Verstappen has apologised for the language he used during the Hungarian Grand Prix after he was forced to retire with a suspected MGU-H failure.

Verstappen was in fifth place when he had to pull off to the side of the circuit with a loss of power. His radio message to the team was broadcast over the world feed and contained several expletives which were bleeped out.

"No power, no power,” he said, before becoming more irate at the situation: “Can I not just keep going. I don’t care if this engine blows. What a fucking joke all the fucking time with this shit."

However posting on social media, he apologised for the outburst, blaming it on 'emotions' as he felt a strong result was possible given Red Bull's pace at the Hungaroring, which is a circuit that suits their car.

"Looking back on yesterday the disappointment is still there," he wrote. "However, I should not have used the words I did in the heat of the moment. Emotions were running high after a good start to the race. 

"These frustrations came for a reason, after another unexpected engine failure which have been happening too often over the past few years.

"We came to Budapest with high expectations and not being able to be competitive made it hard to swallow for us. I will go into the summer break hoping we will be back stronger after it."