Red Bull's Christian Horner slams below par Renault engine after Max Verstappen retirement

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has hit out at engine supplier Renault following yet another failure, this time on Max Verstappen’s car during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Verstappen was forced to pull off the circuit on lap five of the race with a suspected MGU-K problem after reporting he had no power on team radio.

“No power, no power,” he said, before becoming more irate at the situation: “Can I not just keep going. I don’t care if this engine blows. What a fucking joke all the fucking time with this shit.”

It’s the third power unit failure experienced by the Red Bull team in four races following Daniel Ricciardo’s failures in Austria and Germany.

Speaking to Sky Sports during the race, Horner described the engine as ‘below par’.

“I am not going to get drawn into saying too much, but we pay multi millions of pounds for these engines, for a first-class product, a state-of-the-art product, and you can see it is quite clearly some way below that.

“So it is frustrating. That is what it is. We still have Daniel in the race and I will let Cyril [Abiteboul] come up with his excuses afterwards.”

Verstappen was in fifth when he was forced to stop, chasing down Kimi Raikkonen in fourth.