Ryan Wood  |    |   9  |  11 July 2018

Max Verstappen open to IndyCar/Le Mans when he's 'old and slow'

Max Verstappen says he would be open to trying IndyCar and Le Mans when he's "old and slow" and lacking motivation.

The question of whether he would consider other motorsport activites outside of Formula 1 was put to Verstappen in light of Fernando Alonso's 2017 Indianapolis 500 bid and his full-time World Endurance Championship seat, which will see him compete at every round of the Super Season including both Le Mans – the first of which he won alongside his Toyota team-mates.

Nico Hulkenberg also competed in Le Mans in 2015 whilst racing in F1 with Force India.

Verstappen however dismissed the idea, insisting only drivers who aren't winning would consider splitting their focus between two or more series.

"Doing things outside F1 is something that happens mainly with drivers who are not winning," he told Auto Week.

"When you have the best car on the grid, everyone can win with that car. Any F1 driver could have won in the Mercedes for the last four years. Everyone knows that. That's why you don't see [Lewis] Hamilton leaving to do these things because he doesn't need to.

"My father had the same problem. He was in F1 but he didn't win, and there's a moment when the motivation simply disappears and it kills you inside."

Asked when he'd consider IndyCar or Le Mans, the Dutchman replied: "It's the same for me. I'm in a position to fight for victories, so my motivation is very high.

"I don't want to do Le Mans or IndyCar or whatever [now]. Maybe if I'm old and slow, I will do it."

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