James Allison 'should be ashamed of himself' - Maurizio Arrivabene

Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene has hit out at former employee James Allison after the Mercedes design chief suggested Kimi Raikkonen's move on Lewis Hamilton at Turn 3 of the British Grand Prix had been a deliberate act.

Raikkonen and Hamilton came together on the opening lap of the race, which span Hamilton round, forcing him to fight back from last place, whilst the Finn was able to continue, although was later handed a ten-second time penalty.

That aided Sebastian Vettel's victory, leading Allison to suggest some form of tactics might have been at play - an observation Hamilton made himself before later retracting his comments.

Arrivabene was unhappy with the claims and said Allison should be "ashamed of himself" for even thinking that.

"I came here to clarify, if he [Allison] actually said something like that, I mean, he should be ashamed of himself, because he worked many years in Maranello, he took quite a bit of money from Maranello as well, today he's doing his job, you have to be elegant and know how to lose," Arrivabene told Sky Italia.

Arrivabene suggested Allison focus on his role at Mercedes and look at why Hamilton, who started from pole, was down in third at the first corner.

"First of all he should look the telemetry and understand that his driver unfortunately for himself had a bad start, so having a bad start he immediately lost two positions. Kimi had a good start, we have the telemetry data, so he found himself immediately on top of Hamilton.

"[It was] a beautiful battle, a battle that I think the audience appreciated, there will be other battles where most likely Mercedes will win, this is a lesson for us to stay classy, a thing that they haven't done today."