Stephen Camp  |    |   0  |  2 July 2018

Kimi Raikkonen accepts he ‘took it easy for too long’

Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen accepts he 'took it easy' for too long during the Austrian Grand Prix as he attempted to try and hunt down Max Verstappen for the race victory.

As the final laps of the race unfolded Raikkonen made his move to try and chase race leader Max Verstappen in search of the win, but admits he may have waited too long after trying to look after his tyres in the high temperatures which were causing blisters on many other cars throughout the race.

"The car came good but we just run out of the laps and I think we took it easily too long," said Raikkonen.

"It’s a shame. We had a great car and at some points, it was a little bit difficult but I think it was a good result for the team."

Raikkonen's race began in frantic fashion after he made an electric start to the race and split the Mercedes drivers, who locked out the front row of the grid.

A little further into the opening lap, the 2007 World Champion came under threat from Verstappen as the Dutchman made his move into Turn 7 and made very light contact with the Ferrari which allowed the Red Bull driver past, which was potentially the race-winning move.

Raikkonen chalked up the battle as tough racing and accepts it despite it being the move that potentially saw him lose the race victory.

"I think there was a lot happening on the first lap," added the Finn.

"I think a little bit sideways into… or lost the line a little bit into six and then Max… obviously, we were pretty close to each other, I think the car in front of me, the Mercedes, disturbed a bit… like the downforce and then obviously it got the run and I tried to hang on around the outside but I got a little bit sideways because I guess we touched a little bit.

"I lost a place but I think we got the best out of it and not taking each out and still fighting in that kind of corner that is fast speed and not very easy to stay next to each other when you try.

"That’s what happens sometimes. Not ideal for me but it was still fair enough."

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