Williams steal shock victory in F1 raft race

Williams stole victory with a huge upset in the final metres of the great F1 raft race in Montreal to beat Team F1 and McLaren.

It was Team F1 which was made up of F1 management personnel who took an early lead ahead of Williams and McLaren, dodging the spray cannons and other flotsam and jetsam on the water.

However, on the return leg of the journey where the competitors were required to retrieve another member of their team, it was Williams who powered their way to victory in their entry, 'Grovetanic'.

While Williams took the win, Team F1 had to settle for second and last years champions McLaren rounded off the podium with notable team member Tom Stallard leading their entry. His experience as an Olympic silver medallist had been crucial to their success on the water for the past two years.

In a tradition which was revived by Liberty Media when they took over the sport, teams were all given equal equipment and 30 minutes to build their craft for the race which included 10 jet floats, pallets and wood, rope, equipment to make paddles, a megaphone for the cox of the craft and most importantly, the life jackets.

Noteably all the teams entered for the race, save for Ferrari. New entrants this year included a Media team ably led by that Italian sailing hero the FIA's head of communications Matteo Bonciani plus Team Canada, and a team from F1 tyre suppliers, Pirelli.

The victory for Williams comes against their current on-track performance with the team currently sitting at the bottom of the Constructors' Championship with just four points to their name.