Kevin Magnussen doubts repeat of Haas' F1 midfield dominance

Kevin Magnussen says he doubts that Haas’ midfield dominance in Spain will repeated at this weekend’s Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.

Magnussen comfortably led the midfield fight at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya as he eased to sixth position, over half a minute ahead of Renault’s Carlos Sainz Jr.

But the Dane believes that, while expecting Haas to still be in the thick of the fight, its position and pace is unlikely to be seen again this weekend.

“We should be in that mix, but I don’t think it’s going to be as dominant as in Barcelona,” he said.

“Our car is particularly strong in high-speed and medium-speed corners, and it’s not bad in low-speed corners to be honest, but I think that the advantage that we had in Barcelona was in the medium- and high-speed.

“With our car being more efficient this year, it’s also quite quick down the straights even though we can still go faster and have good downforce.

“So, I hope that we are still at the top, fighting with the top guys in the midfield but probably not as dominant as last time.”

Magnussen added that his confidence is growing with each passing race this year – and expects such a trend to continue.

“I think every race, and every year you gain more experience,” he said.

“You feel more at home and more relaxed and confident and I think that’s something that would continue all the way to the end of my career.

“It’s something I spoke to Jenson [Button] about who has had many years, he said it never stops, you just continue to learn.”

Magnussen holds ninth position in this year’s championship, having amassed all 19 of Haas’ points.

Magnussen has twice scored points in Monaco, finishing 10th for McLaren in 2014 and repeating the position with Haas 12 months ago.