Ryan Wood  |    |   0  |  20 May 2018

Mika Hakkinen warns Kevin Magnussen he risks earning a 'bad reputation'

Two-time F1 World Champion Mika Häkkinen has warned Haas driver Kevin Magnussen that he risks earning a "bad reputation" following some questionable tactics in the last two races..

In Azerbaijan the Dane forced Pierre Gasly into the wall during a restart, leading the Frenchman to describe Magnussen as "the most dangerous guy I have ever raced with”. He was handed a time penalty and two penalty points.

Last weekend in Spain, Magnussen received a reprimand for aggressively blocking Charles Leclerc during practice, prompting Sauber team boss Fred Vasseur to hit out at the 25-year-old.

"It makes no sense to do something like this in free practice," said Vasseur. "I don’t want to say it makes sense in the race but I could understand, even if it is stupid. But in free practice, it’s just unacceptable."

Häkkinen suggested Magnussen had begun to cross a line of what's acceptable and risked earning a bad reputation in the sport.

"I have known Kevin for some time, as I knew his father Jan, and it’s good to see him producing some great results for Haas," Häkkinen wrote in his column for Unibet

"I have mixed feelings, however, because while | think it’s important for a driver to show his strength and commitment to the job, there have to be limits to what you are prepared to do in a race. 

"In the previous Grand Prix in Baku, I felt his move on Pierre Gasly was a big mistake, and in this business you don’t have to do that very often before you earn a bad reputation."

Hakkinen was full of praise for Sauber's Leclerc, whom he says has the "right attitude" whilst also "delivering" for the team after scoring its first back-to-back points finish since 2015.

"I have known Charles for a few years, since his karting days, and he is a really good, excellent driver. He is a driver who can deliver consistent results, which is what top teams are really looking for. 

"At Sauber he is showing that he has maturity, has the right attitude and is not relying on his talent alone. He is building a great spirit in that team, and then going out and delivering points for them."

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