Mercedes trials new rain light system at F1 test

Mercedes has trialled a modified wet-weather lighting structure during Formula 1 testing at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Formula 1 has stayed on for two days of post-race running at the Spanish venue, with all 10 teams in attendance, along with additional Force India and McLaren cars present as part of Pirelli’s tyre testing.

Reigning World Champion Lewis Hamilton has been entrusted with driving duties for Mercedes today (Tuesday) and appeared on track with a tweaked lighting system on the W09.

All Formula 1 cars are mandated to carry a rear-facing rain-light, currently placed in the centre of the car, above the diffuser, which must be used in wet conditions, in order to help a driver behind see a rival amid plumes of spray.

As part of a test for Formula 1, Mercedes has been running with additional flashing strips on each rear wing endplate, at the same height as the main rear wing.

It means Hamilton has been circulating with three red lights, with the two currently being trialled flashing at different intervals to the existing structure.