FIA gives teams the go-ahead to mount mirrors on halo

Teams have been given the go-ahead to mount their rear-view mirrors on the Halo, rather than the chassis, if they so wish, according to a recent FIA technical directive.

Teams are increasingly looking to find areas to make small gains, with the mirror pods themselves receiving a lot of attention in recent seasons. Ferrari are one such team that has invested heavily in gaining an aerodynamic benefit from the mirrors (click here to see our analysis of Ferrari's unique mirror housing).

Teams have reportedly been questioning the FIA as to whether mounting the mirrors on the halo would contravene the rules, as they believe there could be a small aerodynamic benefit to doing so.

A recent technical directive issued by the FIA's single-seater technical boss Nikolas Tombazis, as seen by Autosport, gives the green-light to mounting the mirrors to the Halo as long as they remain within the set dimensions and are "sufficiently rigid to ensure that the mirror does not vibrate too much, which would limit driver visibility."

The note added that dual mounting to both the halo and the chassis will not be accepted as that could impede removal of the halo in an emergency.

"We will not accept a dual mirror mounting as this could cause delays in the event a rescue team had to remove the halo following an accident."